Freedom of press in Russia


One example of risks involved with working as a journalist in Russia is the case of Mikhail Beketov.

Global Reporting is currently engaged in a project together with the Swedish International Liberal Centre (SILC) to support jourrnalists in Russia. One example of the risks of working as a journalists in Russia is the case of Mikhail Beketov.

In November 2008 he was attacked outside his house for accusing the local authorities of corruption during construction of the highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. He was beaten so badly that the doctors had to amputate his right leg and remove 1/3 of his brain. With this in mind Global Reporting and SILC invited Beketovs lawyer, Andrey Stolbunov and Irina Vorobyeva from the radio station Ecco Moscow for two seminars and to discuss this matter with such politicians as EU minister Birgitta Olsson and the Mayor of Stockholm, Sten Nordin, as well as with the national TV channel TV4. We have also started a campaign to raise money for the fund to support the rehabilitation of Mr. Beketov. To donate money, the postal giro number is 55 13 35 – 3. Please note on the transaction “Beketov fund”. All the money goes to cover the medical and legal costs for Mikhail Beketov.

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