Join our feminist trip to Nicaragua


Don’t miss the opportunity to join a feminist study trip to Nicaragua this fall!

On the trip you will be inspired by and share experiences with feminists from another continent. During eleven days we will meet with activists who fight for abortion, against violence against women and for the right to land. We meet men who work to change the male gender role and LGBT activists fighting for their rights. We will also visit the volcanic islands, tropical forests and coffee plantations.

The trip is organized by Volontur in collaboration with Global Reporting.

Everybody is welcome to join – no matter whether you work with these issues, are engaged in your spare time, or if you are just curious. Swedish-speaking, Spanish-speaking or speakers of other languages.

Our tour guide is Chachi Bildt. Chachi has worked for more than eight years in Nicaragua for Swedish NGOs. During the trip, she will be sharing her knowledge and also be our interpreter. Read more about the trip and register your interest on the Volontur website. Like the trip on Facebook and share it among your friends.

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