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Global Reporting

Global Reporting is a passionate group of journalists and communication consultants, offering everything from reporting, communication strategies, events, training and moderating to text, photography, film production and graphic design.
We have been dedicated to global issues since the start in 1996, and we have extensive experience working with development issues.

Our broad subject knowledge and our experience from more than one hundred countries enable us to describe processes and events without resorting to clichés, and to help our clients to reach out into the world. Our flexibility and flat organizational structure allows for an efficient production and we always strive to satisfy the diverse preferences of our clients.


Journalistic assignments

Several of our staff are journalists and we are regularly on journalistic assignments around the world. We write and contribute on a regular basis to several radio programs as well as to magazines and news papers. Over recent years, we have published independent journalistic magazines such as KTH & Co, Universitetsläraren, Barnens Framtid. Sicne 2016, we have been publishing OmVärlden – Sweden’s leading magazine about global development.


Communication for development

The expertise of Global Reporting includes global development and international affairs. Together we have a broad experience in communicating about development cooperation, democracy and human rights, peace and security, culture, education and research, environment and climate, integration, health and gender equality.

Global Reporting has developed its own methodology for strategic communications within development cooperation projects – a vital tool for inclusion and involvement, strengthening of democracy and increased respect for human rights.

We have some ten staff members (contact page) and several freelancers who sit in our offices. Our international network of journalists and photographers allows us to work on-site around the world, even when we are not traveling ourselves.

Global Reporting is a member of the UN Global Compact and we support its ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We also have an environmental policy and an ethics policy that guide the way we do business.



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