The magic of Inhaca


In a new booklet we tell the story of the Marine biology research station at Inhaca Island in Mozambique which is supported by Sweden. Inhaca is a unique environment in the Maputo bay.

Over the years scientists have conducted cutting-edge research, not only in the field of marine biology but also on subjects such as terrestrial flora and fauna, geology, oceanography and socio-economy.

Inhaca Island and the Marine Biology Research Station (EBMI) have served as the cradle of modern marine research in Mozam­bique. The ecosystems on the island represent most coastal Mozambican habitats in microcosm, making the island an excellent natural laboratory for a wide spectrum of research, right on the doorstep of Maputo.

The booklet tells the story of Inhaca and its exceptional nature. You meet some of the key researchers on marine biology in Eastern Africa as well as people who have lived on the island for generations and whose livelihoods depend on its resources. The links between them and the surrounding environment are many and intertwined. Together they tell the story of a unique and fragile environment, and of a centre of vibrant marine research.

The booklet has been produced by the embassy of Sweden in cooperation with Universidade Eduardo Mondlande. Text by Anette Emanuelsson and David Isaksson and graphic design by Lisa Jansson. The publishing of the booklet is coordinated with the re-inauguration of the station.

You can download the booklet for free here:

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