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Alona Melnyk is a journalist and communication specialist from Ukraine. She moved to Sweden to do a Master’s programme in Peace and Development Work at Linnaeus University. She continues her studies by working as an intern for Global Reporting. Alona has a Master’s degree in journalism and worked as a journalist for Ukrainian media, covering issues like education and social welfare. She also worked as a digital marketing specialist and was a student of the “Digital Future of Journalism” professional development programme.

Alona’s last assignment was with United Nations Development programme in the Eastern conflict zone in Ukraine.

“Being born in a developing country as turbulent as Ukraine might seem a tough luck, but I see it as an advantage. My work and studies concern complex topics, but my origin helps to remember that global trends are at the same time local issues. I believe that in development communication, this approach helps to see clearly who your reader is and make your content more appealing”.

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