Global happiness!


Global happiness – what does it mean?

What makes you happy?

What will make the world a happier place?

The further we get away from the known world, the stranger other countries appear to us.

Our perception about the large part of the world is the one of problems, conflict and poverty. Of course, we cannot deny that this is the reality in many cases. But even in the worst of situations there is always joy and happiness.

Since the early 1980s, David Isaksson has been travelling and reporting from about 100 countries, writing books, articles and reports, making radio programmes and lecturing.

As part of the project Global Happiness he will visit and report from 50 countries that he has has not yet been to. The majority of those on the list will be less-known, non-touristic countries such as Armenia, Rwanda, Suriname and Belarus.

During the visits, David Isaksson will ask people in each country about what happiness means to them. The interviews will be filmed and broadcasted, as well as published in a book on Global Happiness.

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