Oil in Southern Sudan


Reconciliation was the keyword when Hon. Rev. Mathew Deng, parlamentarian from Southern Sudan, and Rev. James Kuong Ninrew, priest and local leader from the country’s oil rich areas spoke in front of 70 guests at the Mediterranean museum on February 16. They had come to Sweden on an invitation from the Swedish Fellowship on Reconciliation to follow up the report “Unpaid Debt” which was released last year. The report seeks reconciliation between the Swedish oil company Lundin Petroleum and the people whose rights were violated due to the oil exploration.

– The people have lost a lot, especially cattle and agricultural land. They must be compensated because they do not get anything from the oil, said Mathew Deng.

– One has to acknowledge that a crime has been committed, we need a symbol for it. Perhaps a hospital, a school, a bridge – something to show that we are friends again, said James Kuong Ninrew.

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