Global Bar goes Almedalen!

This year there will be no summer break for Global Bar! On the contrary, we’ll be there during the political week in Almedalen from  1st  to 6th of July. Global Bar will move in together with the Swedish Institute at their  ”Sweden in the World” (Sverige i världen) spot, which is located just opposite of the very Almedalen park. We look forward to many exciting debates and discussions during these days.

Global Bar Almedalen will be just as independent and as outspoken as in Stockholm, but with a clearer link to the Swedish political parties and their discussions about development cooperation and global issues. We also hope that in our discussions we will have representatives from all parties represented in the Swedish parliament.

Global Bar Almedalen will take place every day between 18 – 19.00, in the hour before the keynote address at Almedalen park. We are located right across from the Almedalen park, so just to stop by on the way!
We are currently working with the planning of the programme. If you have ideas and suggestions about possible participants and topics, just send us an email.

Contact persons:

David Isaksson                                                              Aida Burnett-Cargill                                  


About the Almedalen Week

The Almedalen Week (Almedalsveckan, sometimes also called Politikerveckan i Almedalen) is an annual event taking place in the week 27 in and around Almedalen, a park in the city of Visby on the Swedish island Gotland.

With speeches, seminars and other political activities, it is considered an important forum in Swedish politics. During the week, representatives from major political parties in Sweden take turn to hold speeches in Almedalen.

The Almedalen Week started when in 1968 Sweden’s late Prime Minister Olof Palme started holding speeches every summer in Almedalen park in Visby. The first official Almedalen Week took place in 1982, when the Social Democrats started to organise economic seminars.As a response, other political parties started to take a more active part.

In recent years, the event has grown larger, with hordes of journalists, lobbyists, local and national politicians and representatives from non-governmental organisations all coming to Visby to meet, discuss politics and socialise. It is considered to be one of Sweden’s biggest networking events. 


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