David Isaksson

Since 1981 David has been writing about and reporting from places that are far away from European borders. He’s the author of 30 books, some of which are about Latin America and development issues. He has travelled to and written about approximately 150 countries.

David founded Global Reporting in 1996 and has been the company’s managing director ever since. He is also a writer and a photographer for a number of Global Reporting’s customers. In the recent years he has been working extensively with strategic communication.

“Global issues are becoming increasingly exciting, but also more complex, which is why more and more clients request for special competence that Global Reporting possesses. We are driven by passion and engagement. I myself have travelled and reported from around the world since I was 19 and I think that it is still equally fantastic to learn about different countries, to meet people in different environments and to learn about their lives and experiences. To experience new things, understanding the context and learning from other people’s lives is a powerful motivator for me.”


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